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Providing solutions for high precision positioning, mapping and autonomous field operations tracking

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We aim to democratize field operations with high precision positioning products and solutions for Geographical Information System.

Our primary approach is creating end-to-end solutions for digitalizing  the conventional processes by positioning hardware and software products.

We are a dynamic and passionate team!

We always pursue best results and aim to offer the most differentiated solutions with our products, business model and corporate culture.


We are developing a product family for high-precision positioning. Our aim is to improve field operations with customizable and end-to-end solutions.


High-precision hardware with centimeter level accuracy for data collection


Supportive software products to analyze and store data through GIS. Enables monitoring of field operations and  employee task management.

Underground Utility Coordination Platform

A centralized communication platform for underground utility stakeholders to share excavation plans, exchange data and ask for support in their field

Map Based Interface

Geographical display of field work

Map based search system

Operational Efficiency

Coordination of mutual field works for decreased excavation costs

Exchange of underground utility data for prevention of utility damages

Increased Systematic Communication

Tracking of request status and messages

Sophisticated notification system for uninterrupted operations

Incorporation of Regional Mechanisms

Calculation of regional excavation costs

Submission of Urgent Excavation Permit

Geodo Mobile

A map based mobile application for collecting GIS data

Geodo Mobile is a land surveying mobile app that can be integrated with Geodo hardware G2 for an end-to-end solution. The Cloud based system provides a smooth process in the field.

User- friendly Interface

Accessible and ergonomic interface

Easy to navigate between actions

Job follow-up

Track field operations for efficient job follow-up

Operates both on Android and IOS

Point Features

Assign GIS features to points

Write descriptions to projects and points to enhance the reporting process

Universal Application


Compact, lightweight and lean RTK GNSS module for everyone

G2 provides simplified mapping and reporting applications with a seamless workflow. 184 channel multiband RTK GNSS tracking with a centimeter precision in an ultra-compact form suitable for autonomous vehicle (AV) applications where the payload is of utmost importance. It has a stackable battery and is suitable for various applications. Contains UART, I2C, BLE, CAN bus and USB-C ports.

Interchangeable GNSS antenna flexibility

Tilt compensation when integrated with Geodo Mobile

Stackable batteries for long lasting usage


Suitable for various applications with the necessary kit

Can be used for AV (with UAV and UGV kit) or as a mobile surveyor kit (with an armpouch kit, hand-terminal kit or pole kit)

NTRIP or another G2
as a base station


G2 needs a base station as a source of corrections. That’s a requirement for centimeter accuracy in RTK. Base might be either another G2 or an NTRIP service


So far, we've generated use-cases in two pioneer sectors: Energy and Defense


The focus in energy sector is on substructure companies. We are providing regional detection of underground utilities and autonomous data transfer to the GIS platform. A high-precision smart antenna and customizable software help field workers control and monitor activities.

With this use-case we became the first start-up in EPDK's Support Program, with Meram Electricity Distribution Company partnership.


With our development partner UNDP, we observed de-mining activites in the field. As a result of the research, we realized the need for an integrated hardware and software solution for collection and processing extracted mine location data which currently don't exist.

Our solution combines mapping, marking, and reporting the mine clearance procedures with an end-to-end approach.



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